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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good Evening!

Hi All!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend in your part of the woods. Things were fairly quiet here. Had a lot of sunshine and some evening showers, the kind that seems to blow out all the stale air from to much sunshine and leaves everything feeling fresh and clear.

I don't have anything new to share with all of you this evening, except for a few layouts that I'm playing catch-up on from not being able to scrap for almost 2

Tonight I'm sharing Dustin layouts, because it doesn't seem like I share all that many of him. Granted he doesn't get as many photos taken of him, but he never seems to be around when I drag the camera

This first is of him and his baby brother taking a dip....

The template is from my good friend 3s_enough, and it's her
Template #187. The kit I used is from Take A Dip by Digi-Designs
by Nicole and the Word are is from Bethany

This second one is of him playing catch in the backyard. I was surprised that I was actually able to catch him in the air when he jumped to catch the ball! And of course Nathan had to sneak into the middle of the game and do a little "Nah-nah I got the ball" taunt...

The template is also from 3s_enough, it was her June Participation
gift for submitting a layout to her. I used pieces from 3 different kits for this one.
The kits are He's All Boy, from myself and 3s_enough; Spring Training
And lastly, one that I made just for
The template is 3s_enough's Template #152; the kit I used is called
Simplicity by Daniella Peuss - unfortunately I can't find the site for Daniella that I got
this from, so if you know where to find her work, could you leave a comment or email
me please? The word is from Elegant Word Art by Bethany.

That's about all I have to share right now. We're starting the count down to the first day of school...2 1/2 weeks and it's back to school for the kiddies! Even Zach! He was able to qualify for the school districts head start (preschool) program, because he has a slight speech delay. Mainly he has problems with his enunciation, but it's enough of a problem that he needs more help to correct it than I am able to give. We learned when they took his tonsils and adenoids out in February that he has a small notch in the back of his pallate. The ENT said it wasn't enough to require a surgical fix, but it seems to be big enough to cause problems with his speech :0(. But all that aside things are going well for our household!
Have a good night, and happy scrapping!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to...

My Mom!

I love you mom and hope you have a wonderful day!

Hehe...sorry, had to get that out of the way! Sorry I've been away for so long! I finally got my new power cord, and have been trying to get back into the swing of things with my scrapping and other stuff.

We've been busy around here in the mean time! Going to the park, the pool, and we've even gone camping! I can't believe we're already half way through summer break, in the count down to when school starts mid-august. I don't think the kids are ready to back, but I'm ready for them to Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but after having 7 kids in the house all summer, it's been an interesting venture to say the least.

I have a few more layouts to share with you today, and a surprise at the end if you make it that

This one is of Dustin and Nathan playing peek a boo on the play area here....

The template is from my good friend 3s enough at Midnight Scrapping. Its Template #174, and the papers I used for the mat and the text boxes are from He's All Boy.

This next layout is of my kiddos and my niece and nephew playing in the dirt at our campsite at the lake....

The template is also from 3s enough, it's the landscape version of Template #134. I used one of the photos that I took for a background. Its the first time I've tried that, and I thought it came out pretty well.

I better go get started on the list of errands I have for today. Have a great day and Happy Scrapping!