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As it's been awhile since I've posted, I'm not sure that all the links are working links. I'm trying to remove the non-working ones, but it's a work in progress.....

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A word art for you.....

Hi All!!

Boy, have I been a bad blogger!!! Things have been going, going, going around here. School got off to a running start, and then cold season hit our house early.
But since it's been so long since I posted, I wanted to share a word art I made from a saying on my nieces' t-shirt:
Download No longer availible

I made this layout of Brianna with it:
The template I used is from my good friend 3s_enough at Midnight Scrapping. The template was a limited gift for completing her blogversery challenges.
I have soooo many layouts to share, that I have no idea where to start lol! I'll save them for another day though.

Happy scrapping, I'm off to see if I can catch up on some more layouts, have a great evening!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good Evening!

Hi All!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend in your part of the woods. Things were fairly quiet here. Had a lot of sunshine and some evening showers, the kind that seems to blow out all the stale air from to much sunshine and leaves everything feeling fresh and clear.

I don't have anything new to share with all of you this evening, except for a few layouts that I'm playing catch-up on from not being able to scrap for almost 2

Tonight I'm sharing Dustin layouts, because it doesn't seem like I share all that many of him. Granted he doesn't get as many photos taken of him, but he never seems to be around when I drag the camera

This first is of him and his baby brother taking a dip....

The template is from my good friend 3s_enough, and it's her
Template #187. The kit I used is from Take A Dip by Digi-Designs
by Nicole and the Word are is from Bethany

This second one is of him playing catch in the backyard. I was surprised that I was actually able to catch him in the air when he jumped to catch the ball! And of course Nathan had to sneak into the middle of the game and do a little "Nah-nah I got the ball" taunt...

The template is also from 3s_enough, it was her June Participation
gift for submitting a layout to her. I used pieces from 3 different kits for this one.
The kits are He's All Boy, from myself and 3s_enough; Spring Training
And lastly, one that I made just for
The template is 3s_enough's Template #152; the kit I used is called
Simplicity by Daniella Peuss - unfortunately I can't find the site for Daniella that I got
this from, so if you know where to find her work, could you leave a comment or email
me please? The word is from Elegant Word Art by Bethany.

That's about all I have to share right now. We're starting the count down to the first day of school...2 1/2 weeks and it's back to school for the kiddies! Even Zach! He was able to qualify for the school districts head start (preschool) program, because he has a slight speech delay. Mainly he has problems with his enunciation, but it's enough of a problem that he needs more help to correct it than I am able to give. We learned when they took his tonsils and adenoids out in February that he has a small notch in the back of his pallate. The ENT said it wasn't enough to require a surgical fix, but it seems to be big enough to cause problems with his speech :0(. But all that aside things are going well for our household!
Have a good night, and happy scrapping!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to...

My Mom!

I love you mom and hope you have a wonderful day!

Hehe...sorry, had to get that out of the way! Sorry I've been away for so long! I finally got my new power cord, and have been trying to get back into the swing of things with my scrapping and other stuff.

We've been busy around here in the mean time! Going to the park, the pool, and we've even gone camping! I can't believe we're already half way through summer break, in the count down to when school starts mid-august. I don't think the kids are ready to back, but I'm ready for them to Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but after having 7 kids in the house all summer, it's been an interesting venture to say the least.

I have a few more layouts to share with you today, and a surprise at the end if you make it that

This one is of Dustin and Nathan playing peek a boo on the play area here....

The template is from my good friend 3s enough at Midnight Scrapping. Its Template #174, and the papers I used for the mat and the text boxes are from He's All Boy.

This next layout is of my kiddos and my niece and nephew playing in the dirt at our campsite at the lake....

The template is also from 3s enough, it's the landscape version of Template #134. I used one of the photos that I took for a background. Its the first time I've tried that, and I thought it came out pretty well.

I better go get started on the list of errands I have for today. Have a great day and Happy Scrapping!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I think I've fixed it! New link to He's All Boy

Hi All!!
I want to thank everyone again for letting me know there were problems with the file! I've rezipped it, deleted the original file on 4shared, and re-uploaded new, so hopefully everything works right now! If for some reason it doesn't, please, please do not hesitate to let me know!
As usual, here are the element preview and paper previews:

Download no longer availible
You can click on either preview, or incase my images disappear again, you can also click HERE to go to 4shared to download.
I really appreciate everyone's paitence, and for letting me know there was a problem. If you make any layouts with this kit, I would LOVE to see them! Since my laptop is still out of commision, I have yet to even scrap a layout with this kit!
Have a great afternoon and rest of the weekend!

Friday, May 29, 2009

A thank you and apology....

I wanted to thank you all for letting me know that the rar file isn't opening for some. I am in the process of trying to fix it, but because my computer is still out of commission and the original files are on there, it's taking me a little longer than I would like. If you download He's All Boy and have trouble opening it, please email me or leave a comment, and I will either email you back or leave a comment on your blog, along with posting it here, that the link and files have been fixed.Thank you for bearing with me, and thank you again for letting me know there's a problem, I really appreciate it!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A trip to the zoo....

Good Morning,

I want to thank everyone who left a comment here and on 4shared for He's All Boy!

Hope everyone has had a good week! Sorry I haven't posted since I gave out He's All Boy. The cord to my laptop had fried, and all my scrapbook stuff is on there, so I haven't even been able to scrap! I'm writing this post on dh's computer, because I wanted to share a few pictures.
My week last week came to a good end last Thursday.... Well some may not call it good, I guess it all depends on your patience I got to spend the day at the zoo with Miss Bri and her kindergarten class! We had a lot of fun, it was a lot better and less stressful than I thought it would be. Here's a few of the pictures.....

This is a rare one....I'm usually BEHIND the camera....

The elephant....
My monkey with the monkey's...

I still have yet to scrap any layouts using the new kit 3s enough and I did, He's All Boy. I was working on a Mother's Day page Kit, that is now stuck half finished on my computer as well. Hopefully by next week I'll be back with my computer and will have some layouts to share with you.
School lets out for the summer in 2 DAYS!!! Where did the time go!?!? Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Memorial day weekend!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A new kit....

**EDITED 5/30/09**
Thank you for bearing with me! I think I've gotten everything fixed, please click HERE to go to the new post, with the new, fixed links. Thank you again!
**EDITED 5/29/09**
I wanted to thank you all for letting me know that the rar file isn't opening for some. I am in the process of trying to fix it, but because my computer is still out of commission and the original files are on there, it's taking me a little longer than I would like. If you download He's All Boy and have trouble opening it, please email me or leave a comment, and I will either email you back or leave a comment on your blog, along with posting it here, that the link and files have been fixed.
Thank you for bearing with me, and thank you again for letting me know there's a problem, I really appreciate it!!!
Good Evening all!
Hope everyone is having a good evening! It was a beautiful day here, high 70's - low 80's! I spent my evening working on yard work at my grandma's house.
Tonight I have for you the 3rd kit in a series that 3s_Enough and I are doing for our kids. The first was Brianna's Butterflies, then It's A Girl Thing, and now we have He's All Boy. It's a kind of grungy boy kit, but should be versatile enough to use for the tom-boys in your life also.
This kit consists of 19 papers, and 42 elements. The download is in 2 parts, one part here on my blog and the other is at Midnight Scrapping. You can click HERE to go to 3s_enough's Midnight Scrapping to pick up the part she has there.
Here's a preview of all the elements:

A full preview of the papers:

Here is what I'm giving here on my blog:

Click on either preview to download.
I'm sorry I don't have any layouts to share with you using this kit. I haven't gotten much chance to sit down and work on any.
I think I'm going to go for the evening, have a great night!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Little boys......

always seem to be getting into something! And I think Zach gets into enough for both he and his little He seems to think he's piggy bank I guess. Back in October, he swallowed a penny, so off we went to the ER to make sure it was going down and not stuck some where, and you would think he'd learned his lesson then. But Nooooo, sunday night he was laying on the floor, and I'd seen he had put some change in his mouth, I told him to get the the money out of his mouth, and no sooner did I get the words out and down it went!

Since he kind of was gagging on it, off we went to the ER again. Well this one went where it was supposed to go (well not "supposed" to, but you know what I mean), so it was a quick trip, and they even printed him up a copy of his x-ray so he could see his money.....

The template I used for this one is called Diagonal Dream by Valerie Brumfield and the papers are from a kit called Our Little Man by Kim Liddiard. Both can be found at The Digital Scrapbook Place.

Have you been by to see the new kit by 3s_enough at Midnight Scrapping? She's done another great job with this one. It's fun mini-kit called Teen Crush. It has 10 papers and 20 elements. Here's the preview:

Click on the preview to go to Midnight Scrapping to pick this up! I made this layout below of my niece's birthday....

I used 3s_enough's Template #181 to make it with.
I hope you've all had a good start to your week! Ours is off to a little rocky of a start, both Zack and Nathan have got runny noses, and Zack is on antibiotics for an ear infection.....I thought ear tubes were supposed to stop those?!? We actually got a little snow yesterday morning, but by afternoon it was all pretty well gone. We went from high 70's low 80's last week to only in the 60's this week. I'm ready for some warm sunshine!!
I'm off to go get kids in gear and ready for school have a great day!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A layout and a link to an AWSOME new kit...

Good Evening all!

Sorry I've been MIA for so long. The kids were out on spring break for a week and this last week was spent trying to get back into our routine, so it's been a little hectic around here.

Yesterday was fun day....NOT. Had to take Zack into the ER because he stuck a round bead in his ear and I couldn't get it out. I called the doc first in hopes that I could just take him in there and they could do it, but no dice, they said to take him to the ER. So off we went. They got it out with no problems. I would have tried to dig it out myself, but since they put tubes in his ears back in February --yes I know, I didn't get anything posted about that....bad I was afraid I'd do more damage than good.

But on to my layout.... I made this layout of Brianna snoozing with the awesome new kit from 3's_enough at Midnight Scrapping:

The template I used is also made by 3's_enough, it's her Landscape Template #9 and the word art is from Elegant Word Art by Bethany.

And on to the kit....
3's_enough's new kit is called "Twilight". I think it's totally AWESOME! I love the colors in it! There's a total of 32 papers and 60 elements.

Here's a preview of the papers:
And the Elements (not all the elements are shown in the preview):
You can click on either preview or here to go to Midnight Scrapping and get the links to download this beautiful kit!
I've also made some quick pages from Twilight, that you can come back and pick up starting on Tuesday. Hope to see you back then!
Happy scrapping,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A layout, a link and a quick page...

Good evening all!
Hope everyone had a good week, and a great weekend!
My good friend 3's enough at Midnight Scrapping has put together another fun kit! My little miss Bri got chance to name this new kit and she called it The Color's In It. Click on the picture below to go to Midnight Scrapping and download this fun little kit. It has 10 papers and 19 elements:
I made this layout of my beautiful little niece from the kit:

And I've turned the layout into a quick page:
Click on the preview to download

Happy Scrapping!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another great quick page from Midnight Scrapping

Good evening!

Hope you are all doing well and made it thru your Monday!

I wanted to share the link with all of you to the beautiful quick page that 3s_enough made with Brianna's Butterflies:

You can click on the preview to go to Midnight Scrapping and the link for this quick page.

Hope you all have a good night!

Happing Scrapping,



Oh wow! I was given 2 awards!!


How is every ones week starting out? Hope all is going well! I was so very surprised over the weekend to be given not one, but my first 2 awards!
Thank you to both wonderful ladies for giving me these!

This award was given to me by 3s_enough at Midnight Scrapping.

The rules are to pass it on to three people. Leave messages for those three on their blogs and a link to the person who gave it to you.

I'm passing this onto:

Toucan Scraps and News

Elegant Word Art By Bethany


Jeanette at Easy Custom Blogs

This one I received from StarLady's This and That.


acknowledges the value of every blogger shows in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literacy and personal values everyday.

The rules are:

1. Accept the award, post it in your blog together with the name of person granted the award and his or her blog link.

2. Past the award to 15 other blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgement.

Remember to contact them to let them know they have been chosen for this award

All the blogs that I'm passing this award onto, I'm passing on because of the hard work that you put into the making of the digital scrap booking items that you choose to share freely with the digital scrap booking world. That is the personal value that I feel you all pass on everyday.

I'm going to try and pass this on to the full 15, although it may take me a day or two...

I'll have to finish the last few in the next day or two...

I'll be back later this evening with a layout or two. have a good day!

Hugs, Michele

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Brianna's Butterflies, a layout and a quick page

Good evening!

Hope you're doing well! I have a layout, a link to a great quick page by 3s enough, and a new kit!

The layout is of Miss Bri and her 'do for crazy hair day at school:

The template is a fun one from 3s enough at Midnight Scrapping, it's Template #168. The papers and elements are from the new kit I'm releasing tonight Brianna's Butterflies, you'll be able to see that and find the link a little farther down in the post.

Next I have the link to the great quick page that 3s enough has put together using Brianna's Butterflies, you can click on the picture to be taken to Midnight Scrapping for the link to it.

And last but not least.....
I started working on this late last summer, but hit a creative block. I was fortunate enough to get back on track again after some help from 3s enough. I'd like to thank her for her help, she's been a great friend and I really appreciate it!

Click on preview to download

This kit has a total of 14 papers and 34 elements.

I hope you like this new kit! I would love to see anything you make using this kit or any of the other freebies that I've offered on my blog. You can find my email address in the about me section on the right side of the blog.

Please remember... no hot linking! If you would like to share this with others, please share the blog not the files!

Happy Scrapping!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Summertime Friends Quick Page #2

Good Evening!

Hope everyone is having a good week so far!

I've made another quick page from Springtime Friends, the newest kit from 3s_enough at Midnight Scrapping:

click on preview to download
Here's a preview of the full kit:
Click on the preview to go to Midnight Scrapping and the link for Springtime Friends
This is the layout I made the quick page from. The pictures were taken of Nathan late last summer when he was learning to stand:

Thank you for stopping by! Stop tomorrow, I'm releasing a new kit that I had started last summer, and with the help of my good friend 3s_enough, have finally gotten finished!

Have a good evening!



Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quick Pages and Layouts

Good evening!

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Ours was pretty quiet.

3s enough over at Midnight Scrapping is releasing a new kit tonight! It's a beautiful kit in greens and yellows, with ladybugs and butterflies that makes me wish for spring! Here is the preview for Springtime Friends:

This kit has 10 papers and 28 elements. Click on the preview to be taken to Midnight Scrapping to get the link to the kit.

I made this layout of Nathan with her kit:

The pictures were taken back in August during one of our thunderstorms.

I've also made my layout into a quick page, you can click on the preview to download:

Did you notice the blinkie I've got on right side of my blog? I'm proud to be the first CT Member for 3s enough and Midnight Scrapping!! Thank you my friend for asking me to be on your CT!!!

I hope everyone has wonderful evening! And please remember no hot linking!! If you'd like to share these with family and friends, share the blog not the files please!


Saturday, February 28, 2009

I recieved a layout!

Good Morning all!
I was sooo excited when I opened my inbox this morning! I received my first layout submission for the Adore Challenge!
This layout comes from Jinnie, celebrating the adorable Gingerbread's 1st Birthday!
It looks like fun was had by all! Thank you Jinnie for sending this in! I'll have your gift to you in the morning!

There's still time to submit your layout for the challenge, you have until midnight tonight. All links will go out in the morning.

I also have a layout of my own to share...
It Bri's 5th year in pictures:

The template I used is another great one by 3s enough, it's her Template #139. The papers and elements are all from my soon to be released kit Brianna's Butterflies.

I hope you have great day! And Thank you again Jinnie for the wonderful Layout!!



Monday, February 16, 2009

Better late than never....

for Christmas pictures that I finally got Nathan's first Christmas scrapped! It's only taken me a month and a half. Boy and I thought I was slow getting Bri's birthday pictures done. All of the papers and elements that I've used in these three layouts are from the Holiday Traditions kit that my good friend 3s enough asked me to work with her on. All three templates were also made by 3s enough. I'm her first official CT member!!!

This one was made using her Project 365 week 4 template:
This one is using Template #127
And last but not least, this is using Template #145:

I got all of these done tonight, and I think this is the most scrapping (other working on kits) that I've done in awhile. I go through the kids' folders and see how far behind I am on getting their pages put together that I feel like I'll never catch up!

We've got a lovely stomach bug going around our house today. Dad woke up with it this morning, and now I think poor Nathan has got it too. I'm hoping that Zack will be missed by it, the poor little guy has been through enough in the last few days. He got his tonsils and adenoids removed on thursday, got tubes put in his ears, and had a small cyst removed from his neck just above his collar bone. We were just supposed to spend thursday night at the hospital, but by friday afternoon, he wasn't drinking enough for them to feel comfortable letting him go home. But by early saturday afternoon -- what a way to start valentines-- we'd gotten him to drink enough for them to spring him. So far he's done really good drinking enough to keep from getting dehydrated, but if he gets this pukey bug too, I'm afraid he'll stop that all together. I hate to think of what getting sick would feel like on his poor little throat!

Well I think I'm off for tonight... Don't forget to send in your layouts using the new Adore kit to get the add-on gift that 3s enough and I have put together! We'd love to see our kit in action!

Have a good night all!



Sunday, February 15, 2009

A few layouts and a challenge...

Hi all!!!

I have a few layouts to share tonight and a challenge if you're up to it!

3s enough and I would love to see any layouts using the Adore kit. Those of you who submit a layout using Adore to either blog will receive this Add On for participating! Contest runs from Feb 15 to Feb 28 at midnight. Links will be sent out on March first(Sunday) via return email. You can find my email address in my profile to the right. We look forward to seeing your creations!

Here's my layout using the Adore Kit and 3s enough's Template #138...

Here is the preview for the Adore Add-on Gift:

The add-on includes:

5 Papers
2 Torn Papers
4 Word Arts
14 Elements

Here are a few layouts that 3s enough has done with both the Adore kit and our Add-on Gift:

This one is made with her Template #12
And this one is her soon to be released Template #165:

This layout I made using the add-on and 3s enoughs' Template #158...

I hope I get to see what you've made with our Adore kit!!

I'll try and post tomorrow with a few more layouts. Have a great night, and I hope to see your layouts!!