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Friday, November 21, 2008

Ear infections

Seem to be running rampant in my house this winter...

Nathan was put on antibiotics Tuesday for his 4th one since the 27th of September. He went in Friday to see an ENT about getting tubes in his ears. So they did their tests, and he'll be getting tubes on the 10th of December. They did a hearing test on him also, and he has so much fluid behind his eardrum that they get no movement on one of the tests, so they said at this point he does have some hearing loss, but the tubes should reverse that.

Zack went in on the 4th because of ear pain and drainage, he had an infection with a slight rupture of the ear drum, and Wednesday off and on he said his ear hurt, and Thursday night he was telling me it still hurt and about 9 that night he woke up crying because of it, so I took him in to have it looked at, to try and catch this one before it ruptured too. He's got another ear infection already, so I guess I'll have to watch and see how many he gets in the next few weeks.

On top of all that Zack and Nathan started running temperatures Saturday night, the tylenol would bring it down, but when it wore off their temps soared right back up. Zack's temps were getting as high as 103.8, so he spent the morning sleeping. Thought his temp finally broke about noon time, but by 2 it was right back up. And then about 6:30 this evening, he was in tears again, this time with a sore throat. SO back to urgent care we went. The good news is that his ear infection has cleared up with the antibiotics, but he has yellow spots in his throat so he either has a viral infection or strep. The rapid strep test they did came back negative, but they're sending it to the main lab to do a culture just in case the antibiotics made the rapid test negative. They said they would call me with the results from that in 48hrs or so.

Took Dustin in for his orthodontist evaluation, and they said they can give him room for all his teeth to come in right with braces, and shouldn't have to pull any. So they submitted their evaluation to the insurance and now we just have to wait and see what they want to pay for.

That's all the recent news at our house, and here's a new Layout that I did for Midnight Scrappings' recent challenge....

I used the kit she made for her challenge, and put together this one of Zack and his "car"...

All papers and frames came from the Birthday Challenge Kit.

I better go, Zack is getting cranky...


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh what a week...

Going all the way back to last Friday....

Brianna was picked as one of her schools' October students of the month! Here's one of the pictures I took then, I'm in the process of making a layout of it, but haven't quite gotten it done...

We're so proud of her!!

And then to this week.... Finally got Dustin into a dentist on Thursday, he had this spot on his gum, just below where the gum meets the tooth, that I wasn't too sure what it was. So off we go to the dentist, and low and behold, we learn that the spot is actually a tooth trying to come in, and the dentist says that he doesn't have the room for it. It's one of 4 teeth that have yet to come it and the dentist says there's no room for any of them. They're recommending that he got see an orthodontist. So 4 phone calls later, I finally find one that takes the insurance he has and that can get him in before January. This coming week looks like it's going to be jam packed... Monday I have to drive to Cherry Creek to get a copy of Nathans birth certificate for the insurance, Tuesday Dustin has another dentist appointment to get a cavity filled, and Wednesday we go to the orthodontist. I'm hoping nothing comes up for Thursday or Friday!

On to my layout... Midnight Scrapping has a four part challenge going thru the 20th. This my submission for the first part of the challenge:

(I used 3s_enoughs' birthday challenge template 1 and made the papers myself. Fonts are Australian Sunrise and A Yummy Apology.) We went to the Bass Pro Shop last weekend with Amy and her family, so that the kids could see Santa before it got too crazy. This store is HUGE!! They have a rock climbing wall there, and after seeing Dustin and Billy climb, Bri decided she wanted to go too. She made it all the way to the top!! I'm not sure how high the wall is, but she did great! There were 3 kids in line in before her, all were older, and they only made it halfway up.

I'm off for now, will try and get back tonight or tomorrow to post my second submission to the Birthday Challenge. Have a good day!



Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nathan got

a clean bill of health at the doc yesterday! I took him in yesterday to have his ears rechecked and to get his flu booster. The doc looked in his ears, and said that there was no infection in them any longer, but the right still had fluid in it. They're going to leave it be for a few weeks and watch it. She said if he got another infection or the fluid was still there after about 3wks, then they'd send him to see an ENT about tubes. So we'll wait and see what happens. Although Zack wasn't so lucky about getting a clean bill... He starting telling me Monday night that his ear hurt, and when he woke up Tuesday morning, you could see where fluid had been draining from his ear when he woke up. He was too cute though, when he came out of the bedroom Tuesday morning, he said his ear hurt and asked me to put a band-aid in it. I took him in to the doc, and he has an ear infection now, and she also said that there was a small rupture in his eardrum, which is why there was fluid draining from it. This has just been a bad season so far for ears...

On the plus side, Nathan is walking!! Well a few steps at a time anyhow. The farthest he's made it so far is down the hall from the living room to the toy box by the kids' bedrooms. I have a few small video clips that I took with my digital camera, but will try and get a better one to post later today.

I'm still working on my Halloween layouts, and will hopefully get them posted soon. I'm off for now, almost time to get the kids ready for the bus. Have a good day!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Remember my camping trip?

Oh back in August? I finally, got a page done for

3s_enough at Midnight Scrapping, is doing weekly challenges. This weeks challenge was to use any of her retiring freebies or new Halloween templates or kit. So far I've used her Whale Watching kit and with her Double template #3. Tonight I'm going to try and sit down get some Halloween pictures scrapped.

And the news around my house.... Nathan took his first steps on his own over the weekend!! He'll take 4 or 5 steps now and then he realizes that he's doing it on his own and falls down. It's pretty cute. He gets a little braver by the day. I've been trying to get a few pictures of him at least standing on his own, but he sees the camera and drops to crawl and charge for it.

Well it's about time to take one of my charges to the bus for school, have a good day!!