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As it's been awhile since I've posted, I'm not sure that all the links are working links. I'm trying to remove the non-working ones, but it's a work in progress.....

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I promised pictures...

from our weekend camping, and am just now getting them posted. I'm such a bad blogger.... I'm finally almost over my head cold or whatever it was I brought home with me, now it's just lingering allergies.

I didn't get to many "camp" pictures, but I did get some pictures of the kids playing along the beach of the lake we went too....

Brianna has been having great fun at school. She looks forward to going each morning, the first thing she asks when she wakes up is if it's time to go wait for her bus They're already selling things, she brought home an order form for frozen cookie dough, and discount cards for McDonald's, Subway, and Black Jack pizza. I'm sure Dustin will be bringing something home soon for him to sell. His teacher said at back to school night that they would be doing various fundraiser through the year to help with the cost of the outdoor ed trip they will be going on in the spring.

Hope everyone had a great week!! Incase you missed it, my wonderfully talented friend Renae gave out the last two links to her wonderful new kit "Nature's Gift" today,

it's a beautiful kit, and you can get it here. Not only does she make templates, but she does such beautiful kits!!!

Have great evening everyone!!



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. We went camping last weekend, and I came home with a head cold, so I've been fighting that for the last few days. Yesterday was the worst, and today I feel a little better.
The kids had fun over the weekend, so that's what counts. I'll try and get back later today or this evening and post some pictures.
Have a great day!

Friday, August 22, 2008

My little girl started school yesterday...

Hi all!

We had such a busy day yesterday! Brianna had her first day of school and she was soooo excited to start! I took her yesterday so I could get some pictures.

She can't wait to go back today. Zack seemed to do ok with her being gone. Although when I got back to the car without her, he kept asking where she was. Hopefully she'll have as good of a day today.

That's all I have for today, I'm starting to work on a new kit, but haven't gotten much done. Hopefully I'll get some time to get it done soon. Hope everyone has a great day!!!



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm sooo Sorry Deb!!

For putting the wrong name on when I credited you for the overlay I used to make my papers.

To clear things up..... When I posted on Aug 11 about My first papers, I put Lori instead of Deb. Deb is the talented lady behind The Scrappin' Cop. I'm so sorry for that, I guess that's what I get for trying to post while my kids are still up and trying to talk to me.

I'll hopefully be back later to post more.....


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hi everyone, I finally finished my new kit!

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. I've been trying to get my new mini-kit finished. I was a little stumped on what to put in it, so it too me a lot longer to put this one together than it did my last one.

Bri only has 1 more day until she starts kindergarten, and she is soooo excited. We met her teacher briefly last Friday, and tomorrow is her back to school night (why they call it night when it starts at 2pm is beyond me.) and she's looking forward to seeing her teacher again. Every one she sees, she tells them that her teachers' name is Miss Twiss. I'll be taking lots of pictures on Thursday for her first day, so be

Like I mentioned, I finished my new mini-kit (as I get better, I hope to be able to put together bigger kits, but it may take me awhile). I'm not sure I like it as well as my first one, but here's the preview for Trouble:

Click on preview to download

And here's the two LO's I made of Zack in the t-shirt that inspired it...

The template I used is from Renae, it's Template 4. It actually has a lot more details such as flowers and borders, but they didn't look right with my little trouble maker. The word art is from Elegant Word Art by Bethany, you can find this word art here. The papers are by me.

This one is a scattering of 2 of the papers and some elements from my kit.

I hope you can find some use for my new kit for the trouble makers in your life!

Hope you all have a great night!



Sunday, August 17, 2008

The view out my window

yesterday and the day before, looked like this:

and that was at 9:30 in the morning!! Luckily the rain is moving out today and I actually see the sun this morning.

My LO for today is of Brianna's first 5yrs:

Credits for this go to Marlene at Sindiego's Scraps for her papers from her SweetHeart kit. The template is another of Renae's great templates, it's her Template 23. Renae also has a new kit that she's giving, it's in several parts, but here is the link to the first paper pack of Mimi's House.

Thank you to those who have downloaded my first kit, I hope you like it!!

I don't have much going today, so I'm going to see if I can get the mini-kit I started the other day finished. Hope everyone has at great day!!



Saturday, August 16, 2008

My first Mini-Kit...

I finally am feeling brave enough to share this! I finished it the other day, and did the last fixing last night. It's my first mini-kit, called Little Brown Puppy. I made based on a shirt my grandson had on in a picture, and I didn't have anything in my "stash" that I wanted to use with it, so I made my own....

Here's a preview:

(drop shadow for the preview only)

Click on Preview to download

This has 4 papers, 3 frames, and 6 elements. I hope you can find a use for it! Please let me know what you think of it.

Thank you to Renae for encouraging me to make this!!!

I'll be back to post more later...



Friday, August 15, 2008

Such a gloomy day today....

weather wise atleast. It was beautiful shorts weather yesterday, highs in the upper 70's low 80's. And today I woke up to drizzle and grey, overcast skies. Didn't see the sun at all today, I was going to take a picture, but it was too

Today was only the 2nd day of school, and Dustin missed the bus.... Well technically it was my fault he missed the bus. I was writing a note for him to take to the nurse, and he got outside and downstairs just as the bus pulled away. Guess I need to work on being more on the ball in the mornings, especially since starting Monday his bus will get here at 7:30 instead of 7:45, that 15 min can make or break me in the mornings. And since I'm a walking zombie until I get my first cup of coffee down, mornings kill me.

Bri had her Kindergarden assesment today. The teacher that did said she did pretty good. She can write Bri without seeing her name, but she still needs to see Brianna to write the whole thing. She counted well, and was able to recognize most of her upper case letters. What happened to the time when that's what you learned in kindergarden, not what they wanted you to already know going in? We also met her teacher, who seems like a very nice person. Bri is sooo excited, that she can hardly wait for next thursday.

In honor of Bri's excitement for the day and the dreary outside, I'll share some pool LO's that I've done of Bri and Nathan.....
Credits for "Making A Splash" go to DSP for the word art; and 3's_enough at Midnight Scrapping for both her Template #51 and her kit Pale Spring.
Credits for "Taking the Plunge" word art again goes to the designers at DSP (I can't find my file that tells me which designer, SORRY!!); the background paper is from Cool in the Pool by Jamie Heyl, also at DSP; and the template is Genie's Template #9 which she made for Sindiego's Scraps.

And this one of Nathan I made from the the Cool in the Pool Kit by Jamie Heyl (see above for link); and the word art is from also from the designers at DSP. I extracted Nathan on his tube from the original picture, because the pool water was cloudy that day, and this looked sooo much better!

Well I'm off, the big kids are at grandma's tonight, so I think I'm going to either go stick my nose in a book or maybe do some scrapping if I get motivated enough.



Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh what a day

the last 2 days have been!! I didn't post yesterday because I'd spent most of the day trying to get school supply shopping finished, because today was Dustin's first day!!
We spent a good hour or so in Walmart walking up and down the aisles looking for things on the list. Managed to find everything but 2 or three items, which I finally tracked down at the Office Depot. Then we had Back to School night at Dustin's school. He has 3 teachers this year, so he changes class rooms a few times a day, but that will help prepare him for middle school next year. His home room teacher seems really nice, and hopefully will be a little better at letting us know when his medicine isn't helping him keep his concentration in class than the one he had last year. He seemed to be in pretty good mood when he got home, so I'm guessing his day went pretty well.

Brianna's turn is next week, although she has entrance exams tomorrow. Why a kindergardener needs an entrance exam is beyond me. I did manage to get most of Bri's school supplies yesterday too, all I need is a box of ziploc sandwhich baggies and a package of safetypins..what the safety pins are for I have no idea.

Spent today doing yard work for my grandma. I did good today, I usually only manage to get the lawn mowed, but today I got both the front and back done, and even got all the weeds pulled out front. So needless to say, right now I pooped, and am ready for

My LO for today is the one I made my mom for Mother's Day this year. I went through all the pictures I had and scanned the ones of us together. You can tell how often I'm not the one taking the pictures, the most recent one I have of she and I together was taken on Christmas in 2000....

Credits for this go to: Meryl Bartho at DSP for her Arty QC template; and Marlene at SinDiego's Scraps, the papers and elements are from her Daughter Kit. I unfortuantely cannot give the designer the credit they deserve for the word, it's one that I picked up somewhere and can't remember where, so if it is your's or you know who made it please leave me a comment and let me know, so I can give credit!

Hope everyone has a great evening!



Monday, August 11, 2008

My first papers...

I did it!! I made my first digital scrapbook papers the other night! I was quite proud of

I've been meaning to put together a LO of Nathan and my handsome little grandson, Wesley. There's about 7 1/2 weeks between them, and it's been fun watching them grow. Here's the LO I made...

Thank you to Renae for her Template 14, it's great!!. I got the inspiration for the colors of the papers from Wesley's little undershirt. Thanks to Deb at The Scrappin' Cop for the overlays to help me make the papers.

Here's another LO I made with Renae's Template 14, it's of Miss Bri fishing with my dad. The papers are from Marlene over at Sindiego's Scraps made the papers, they're from her Gone Fishin' Kit.

I hope you like my lo's for today!

We didn't too too much today, getting into the back to school mode. Nathan is getting better at crawling everyday, he's starting to try and sit up by himself. He kind of leans to the side on his arm. He actually pulled himself up to stand the other day, but hasn't done it again. I'm off to finish getting the kids bedtime routine started, have a good night!



Sunday, August 10, 2008

Waiting for the rain...

The weather person on the news promised rain today, and so far all we've gotten are clouds. It was supposed to rain yesterday too, and I think it did everywhere but It rained so hard in Denver, that they had to get water rescue out to save some people that got trapped under a bridge on a bike path where they'd stopped to wait out the rain.

It stayed nice enough here to take the kids swimming before the clouds rolled in (that was the closest we got to rain yesterday). Bri has taught herself to swim under water, and makes it a little farther every dive. She was so proud of herself yesterday, every time she came up for air she would ask if she did better than the time before. Zack is also getting quite brave, he's now jumping off the top step into to the pool. At first he would only do it when he had Nathan's boat, but yesterday he was doing it with just the innertube. I did take my camera, but unfortunately the batteries died just before Zack started jumping :o(. I did get a few pictures though...

Here's Bri during one of her swims:

Zack and Nathan:

And Bri Jumping in:

I got this one of Nathan this morning, think he might be a drummer when he grows up the way he beats on this table:

Here's Zack and Bri, they love playing dad's train game...

I don't have any LO's today, I need to sit down and finishing writing down the credits for them, I don't want to post any without being able to give the talented people who put so much hard work in their digital papers, elements and templates their due.
I'm off to fix dinner before the natives get

Friday, August 8, 2008

Only 5 more days

till Dustin goes back to school! He went in for his physical at the ungodly hour of 9:30 this morning. All is going well, the doc changed his ADHD medicine, but that's about it. After that we went to the grocery store, which was not fun. The last friday before most all of the kids go back to school and the place was packed!!! But at least it over and done with for another week, with the price of things, I have grocery shopping anymore.
That's about all we've done today, don't have much going today. The humidity is up and the barometer is dropping, so my head is killing me today. Darn sinuses

The LO I have today is of Zack. After a hard day playing he crashed on dad's lap...

Credits go to 3's_enough at Midnight Scrapping for her LandScape Template #3, and to Star Scraps for her Planes, Trains and Automobiles kit.

This one is of Nathan.....

The template is from JustRenae, it's her Template 15. The papers and buttons are from Jayden's Mamas' contribution to the HUGE collab kit Backyard Playground. There are over 40 designers that contribute to this kit, to many to list, but if you click on the link for Jayden's Mama, she has a list there of all the links to get this kit.

Hope everyone has a great day, I'm going to stop before blogger goes down for maintenance.



Wednesday, August 6, 2008

When it rains,

it pours, but we need the rain so bad that I'm not going to complain! It's been raining here since about 5:30pm, and hasn't really stopped. When it first came through, it was raining so hard and fast that we had rivers running through the parking lot here. I'm sitting here listening to the rain and enjoy some quiet time, baby is asleep and big kids went to grandmas for the night. I'm trying to get motivated enough to try and catch up on my scrapbook pages. The last page I did for Dustin was for his birthday, and that was in Feb, so you can see how far behind I Nathan is going to be as big of a camera ham as is brothers and sister. Here he is playing with his new favorite poor vertical blinds...

This one, I just love his expression, I caught him in the middle of saying "mum, mum, mum"
And watching the rain....

I'm off now, think I might be motivated enough to scrap a bit, well these pictures atleast....LOL

Have good night,



Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My 5 min

of quiet starts I 9am, I've been up since about 6:30am with Nathan, and he just went down for a nap. Bri, Zack and daddy are all still alseep, and Dustin stayed at a friends house last night, so I'm gonna enjoy a little bit of quiet. Zack fell asleep about 7:30 last night, which isn't a bad time for him, but he kind of woke up about 9:30 and then Bri came out of her room and woke him up completely, so then he was up till almost 1am. I got him to go lay down with me about 12:30, so he was out by 1. Nathan of course was up about 3 to eat, then again about 6:30, so needless to say, I didn't get much sleep last night. So you'll have to excuse my ramblings this morning, I'm still working on my first cup of coffee, and the caffiene hasn't quite kicked in yet.

I have one LO now, may be back later tonight with another, not sure, today is lawn mowing day at my grandma's so I'll have to see how wore out I am... Atleast on the plus side it's only supposed to be in the mid 80's today.

But I digress, here's my LO:

Yes the colors are a little loud, but I didn't have any papers that would look good with the orange in Zack's shirt, so I used the orange and blue from his shirt. The Template is another great one from JustRenae, it's her Template 7, it was with one of the layers in her template that I was able to get the crumpled effect on the blue and green.

Well, I'm off for my day of mowing, need to finish getting Nathan's stuff together, and work on waking up the kids. Guess that will be the end of my 5 Have a wonderful day!



Monday, August 4, 2008

I missed yesterday

because I usually sit down and post after Nathan goes to bed, but last night I ended up spending that time fixing my rocking chair. I have one of those glider rocking chairs that I got when Zack was about 10 months old. I'd gotten it after we rocked the one I had picked up at the Salvation Army to death. I would rock Zack to sleep for naps and bed time, and then after Nathan got here, I do the same for him. So needless to say, my rocker was well I had actually had to fix it a few months ago when on of the glider bearing broke, so I took the footstool apart and used the pieces from it to fix it. Well I had another one break yesterday morning, and after having a hard time getting Nathan down for his afternoon nap, I sat down last night and fixed it. And by the time my "help" (and I use the term loosely) and I finished, I wasn't up to Trying to get anything done with a 3yr old and a 5yr old trying to help is nearly impossible, and more help than I really wanted ;o)

My LO today is using Renae's new kit, Bold Summer. I love the colors in it. The Template is hers also, it's Template 18.

Renae has also just release a new kit, called The Humid South, that is just beautiful.

Hope everyone has a great day, it's a little humid today, hopefully we'll get some rain!



Saturday, August 2, 2008

Not much going today,

So I really don't have all that much to write about. Dustin and Bri had a great time at the tractor pulls with grandma and grandpa last night. I guess there were only 2 actual "tractors" in the event, everything thing else was some sort of truck.

It was another hot day today, but not quite as hot as yesterday, only 103 as opposed to We did go swimming today though. We waited until later in the afternoon to go, and of course it was sunny all day to and no sooner did we get to the pool then it started getting cloudy, go figure. Here's a Zack doing his version of a cannon ball...

Zack, Bri and Nathan....

Nathan and someone that you don't see in pictures very often (me....LOL)

and Dustin floating on the inflatible gun he won at the fair last night

My LO tonight is of Nathan and my lovely niece Jadyn. Jadyn is about 2months older than Nathan. The pictures were taken at the Father's day BBQ we had for my dad. They would sit in walkers pushed up to each and screech and babble back and forth at each, with a few odd looks through in too.

The template is from Midnight Scrapping, it's Template #93. The paper and ribbon colors are from Miss Mints Wild Weekend. I'm not sure where I picked up the word art, if anyone has seen it or if it belongs to you, please leave me a comment, so I can give you credit!!

Hope everyone has a good night!!



Friday, August 1, 2008

104 degrees

Is HOT!! That was the official high recorded in at DIA today. You know it hot when the kids don't even ask to It's now just after 9pm and still in the 80's.
Dustin and Bri are having a fun evening, grandma took them to the Tractor Pull that going on at the local fair. It's their payment for 2 weeks of yard work. Zack unfortunately didn't get to go, grandma thought it may too loud for him, that and we weren't sure if he would sit still through it all.
I don't have too much to talk about today, as we didn't do much because of the heat. But I have a few layouts for you...
This first one is of Zack's first home haircut with the clippers. He was asking for a haircut, he would hold a piece of hair up and say "I need haircut dad", here is part of the process with a picture of what his hair looked like before and how short it was when all was finished:

Credits go to: Lauren Bavin at DSP for the paper and mat, they're from her Family Kit; Midnight Scrapping for her Landscape Template #5; the font is planet benson 2 for the title and ariel for the date.

The next one is of Nathan as he was working on his crawling skills, he's still working on them now, but has gotten a lot quicker over the last few weeks:

The papers and alpha are from Animal Friends by Josie Stewart at Digital Kits; the font I used on the rest is Comic sans. The template is another great work by JustRenae, it's her Template 18.

Well I'm off for the evening, hope everyone has a good night!!