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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday Traditions Collaboration Kit

*I have fixed the download link, I'm sorry it didn't work!! If you're still having trouble getting the link to work, please leave me a comment or email me at shelemcee at msn dot com*
Hi All!!

I am sooo excited to be posting this today!! I was asked by my good friend 3s_enough at Midnight Scrapping to help her make a holiday kit.

Here is what we've put together:

Here is the paper preview:

Here is a preview of the elements:

Full Kit Includes:
22 Papers
6 bows
6 ribbons
8 ornaments
2 metal swirls in both Silver and Gold
3 page borders
5 light bulbs
5 strings of lights
2 candles
4 tags
1 piece of tape
2 stockings
2 suckers
2 frames
2 clips
7 word art in both Silver and Gold
4 word art in both Red and Green
1 holly leaf

Here is the Preview of my Part, which is Part 2:

(Download no longer availible)

Here is the preview of Part 1 that 3s_enough will be sharing on her blog:

By clicking on the preview, it will take you to Midnight Scrapping, where you will find the link to download part one.

We hope you enjoy using the kit that we've put together, and please remember no hot linking!! If you'd like to share the kit with some one please send them here!!



Friday, December 12, 2008

All went well...

with Nathans tube surgery. We went in on the 10th. Got to the hospital at 6am for his 7:30 surgery. They took him back about 7:25, and we got called back to sit with him while he woke up about 7:45, and were headed home by 8:15. He's doing well so far, not really too much pain. He had some balance issues before, couldn't sit on the floor without falling to one side or the other every few minutes, but almost all of that is gone now. He's walking a lot straighter now, doesn't fall as much, is trying to run every where! He was also having trouble judging where corners and doorways were, but hasn't run into one since he got home, unless one of the big kids are being too helpful. I think we made the right decision as far as having the tubes put in, now we just have to wait see if the constant ear infections go away.

On other news, Brianna has finally lost her first tooth!! It was so loose when she pulled it that it didn't even bleed, which was probably a good Now the one that next to it is starting to wiggle, so we'll see how long that one takes.

Zack goes back to see his ENT at Children's next month, to have the cyst on his neck re-looked at, and to see if the spot his pediatrician noticed at his check up last week is what she thinks it is.

Dustin is getting excited for Christmas break, although I'm not sure I'm ready for 6 kids home with my all day for 2 weeks should be interesting.

I think that's all for now, I don't have any new layouts to share today, I've fallen even farther behind with my scrap booking from all the appointments we've had the last few weeks. Have a good day!


Friday, November 21, 2008

Ear infections

Seem to be running rampant in my house this winter...

Nathan was put on antibiotics Tuesday for his 4th one since the 27th of September. He went in Friday to see an ENT about getting tubes in his ears. So they did their tests, and he'll be getting tubes on the 10th of December. They did a hearing test on him also, and he has so much fluid behind his eardrum that they get no movement on one of the tests, so they said at this point he does have some hearing loss, but the tubes should reverse that.

Zack went in on the 4th because of ear pain and drainage, he had an infection with a slight rupture of the ear drum, and Wednesday off and on he said his ear hurt, and Thursday night he was telling me it still hurt and about 9 that night he woke up crying because of it, so I took him in to have it looked at, to try and catch this one before it ruptured too. He's got another ear infection already, so I guess I'll have to watch and see how many he gets in the next few weeks.

On top of all that Zack and Nathan started running temperatures Saturday night, the tylenol would bring it down, but when it wore off their temps soared right back up. Zack's temps were getting as high as 103.8, so he spent the morning sleeping. Thought his temp finally broke about noon time, but by 2 it was right back up. And then about 6:30 this evening, he was in tears again, this time with a sore throat. SO back to urgent care we went. The good news is that his ear infection has cleared up with the antibiotics, but he has yellow spots in his throat so he either has a viral infection or strep. The rapid strep test they did came back negative, but they're sending it to the main lab to do a culture just in case the antibiotics made the rapid test negative. They said they would call me with the results from that in 48hrs or so.

Took Dustin in for his orthodontist evaluation, and they said they can give him room for all his teeth to come in right with braces, and shouldn't have to pull any. So they submitted their evaluation to the insurance and now we just have to wait and see what they want to pay for.

That's all the recent news at our house, and here's a new Layout that I did for Midnight Scrappings' recent challenge....

I used the kit she made for her challenge, and put together this one of Zack and his "car"...

All papers and frames came from the Birthday Challenge Kit.

I better go, Zack is getting cranky...


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh what a week...

Going all the way back to last Friday....

Brianna was picked as one of her schools' October students of the month! Here's one of the pictures I took then, I'm in the process of making a layout of it, but haven't quite gotten it done...

We're so proud of her!!

And then to this week.... Finally got Dustin into a dentist on Thursday, he had this spot on his gum, just below where the gum meets the tooth, that I wasn't too sure what it was. So off we go to the dentist, and low and behold, we learn that the spot is actually a tooth trying to come in, and the dentist says that he doesn't have the room for it. It's one of 4 teeth that have yet to come it and the dentist says there's no room for any of them. They're recommending that he got see an orthodontist. So 4 phone calls later, I finally find one that takes the insurance he has and that can get him in before January. This coming week looks like it's going to be jam packed... Monday I have to drive to Cherry Creek to get a copy of Nathans birth certificate for the insurance, Tuesday Dustin has another dentist appointment to get a cavity filled, and Wednesday we go to the orthodontist. I'm hoping nothing comes up for Thursday or Friday!

On to my layout... Midnight Scrapping has a four part challenge going thru the 20th. This my submission for the first part of the challenge:

(I used 3s_enoughs' birthday challenge template 1 and made the papers myself. Fonts are Australian Sunrise and A Yummy Apology.) We went to the Bass Pro Shop last weekend with Amy and her family, so that the kids could see Santa before it got too crazy. This store is HUGE!! They have a rock climbing wall there, and after seeing Dustin and Billy climb, Bri decided she wanted to go too. She made it all the way to the top!! I'm not sure how high the wall is, but she did great! There were 3 kids in line in before her, all were older, and they only made it halfway up.

I'm off for now, will try and get back tonight or tomorrow to post my second submission to the Birthday Challenge. Have a good day!



Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nathan got

a clean bill of health at the doc yesterday! I took him in yesterday to have his ears rechecked and to get his flu booster. The doc looked in his ears, and said that there was no infection in them any longer, but the right still had fluid in it. They're going to leave it be for a few weeks and watch it. She said if he got another infection or the fluid was still there after about 3wks, then they'd send him to see an ENT about tubes. So we'll wait and see what happens. Although Zack wasn't so lucky about getting a clean bill... He starting telling me Monday night that his ear hurt, and when he woke up Tuesday morning, you could see where fluid had been draining from his ear when he woke up. He was too cute though, when he came out of the bedroom Tuesday morning, he said his ear hurt and asked me to put a band-aid in it. I took him in to the doc, and he has an ear infection now, and she also said that there was a small rupture in his eardrum, which is why there was fluid draining from it. This has just been a bad season so far for ears...

On the plus side, Nathan is walking!! Well a few steps at a time anyhow. The farthest he's made it so far is down the hall from the living room to the toy box by the kids' bedrooms. I have a few small video clips that I took with my digital camera, but will try and get a better one to post later today.

I'm still working on my Halloween layouts, and will hopefully get them posted soon. I'm off for now, almost time to get the kids ready for the bus. Have a good day!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Remember my camping trip?

Oh back in August? I finally, got a page done for

3s_enough at Midnight Scrapping, is doing weekly challenges. This weeks challenge was to use any of her retiring freebies or new Halloween templates or kit. So far I've used her Whale Watching kit and with her Double template #3. Tonight I'm going to try and sit down get some Halloween pictures scrapped.

And the news around my house.... Nathan took his first steps on his own over the weekend!! He'll take 4 or 5 steps now and then he realizes that he's doing it on his own and falls down. It's pretty cute. He gets a little braver by the day. I've been trying to get a few pictures of him at least standing on his own, but he sees the camera and drops to crawl and charge for it.

Well it's about time to take one of my charges to the bus for school, have a good day!!



Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finally finished...

Brianna's birthday page(s)...

3s_enough at Midnight Scrapping, makes these great double templates as well as her regular ones, and I have several, but this is the first time I've used one, and I think I did pretty good. It's Double Template #8. The papers and elements I used in this I made from scans of some of the drawings that Amy made to do her paper scraping with.

Tomorrow is Halloween and Dustin and Bri are sooo excited! Zack right now could take it or leave it, I don't think the whole dressing up and going after candy thing has completely sunk in yet. I think by next year though he'll be as caught up in it as the big kids are. Hopefully I'll have pictures and/or some layouts posted this weekend of the kids in their costumes, will have to see how motivated I

Well, I'm off for today, need to get the laundry finished that I started yesterday. Have a good day!



Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Well I have pictures....

But I haven't gotten the layout finished yet, so I'll have to wait to post that. Bri first said she wanted a Princess cake, but picked out one with just Ariel on it. But she liked it, so that's all that counts....

The doll with the crocheted dress was made by my grandma. My one also, but I didn't get pictures of it, so I'll have to post those when I get them taken. All in all she had a good birthday.
Today was a busy day for us, Nathan had his eye appointment today, which went way better than I expected. I took him in because of a clogged tear duct that had been bothering him since he was about 3 weeks old. But, thankfully it seems to have cleared on it's own, so they didn't have to do anything for that. They said it should stay clear, but should it clog up again, they said to bring him back and they would reevaluate it then. They did do a complete eye exam on him, including dilating his pupils, so he is still not seeing quite right now.
I had to take Zack in for a blood draw yesterday, because the last 2 times they checked his iron level with a finger stick test, it was low, so they wanted a full blood count to check and make sure he wasn't anemic. The doc called me back on that today and said everything was normal on his regular blood test, so that's plus.
That's all that's gone on in our world today, it was a busy one, but I got allot done. Nathan is about ready for bed, so I'm off. Have a good night!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Does it ever stop?

And off we go with round 3....

Had to take Nathan back to the doc again today, because he started getting really fussy Saturday, and last night was a very long night. He was also pulling at his ears....again. So off we went, and he has another double ear infection. He just finished his antibiotics from the one we went in for on the 16th, so evidently they didn't do any good. The good news is he isn't running a temp, but the bad news is that he was up fussing about every 45min starting at about 1am. So needless to say, at this point I'm running on empty.

I feel like such a bad mom, I have all the pictures from Bri's birthday party on my computer, but haven't gotten a chance to fix them so I can upload them here. Hopefully I'll get that done tomorrow evening. Nathan has his eye appointment in the morning to have his tear duct checked, so hopefully all goes well there. He (of course) hasn't had any problems with it since I made the appointment, but I guess I'll have it checked anyway, because with the way my luck runs, I cancel it and his eye will get all goopy again.

I did get a few layouts done that I would like to share. They're made from scanned pictures that are my grandma's taken in the 1940's.

This first one is the pictures taken when my grandparents graduated from high school. Both the kit and template I used are made by Renae, it's her template #38, and the ribbons and papers (which I recolored to match the pictures) are from her kit Nature's Gift.

This one from pictures that were taken just before my uncle left to fight in WWII, so year is approximate, my grandma couldn't remember exactly what year it was. The kit and template I used for this one are both from Renae also. It's her template #42, and the mats and papers are from her kit The Humid South.

I'm in the middle of working on a LO for Brianna's birthday, I'm using templates from 3s_enough over at Midnight Scrapping. I hope to have it done sometime tomorrow and post it along with the birthday pictures I've promised. For now though, I think I'm off to bed while Nathan is still sleeping comfortably. If tonight is anything like the last few, he'll sleep good till about midnight or 1am, then it's in fits until about 4. Have a good evening!



Thursday, October 16, 2008

Here we go again....

Well we were starting to get better. Brianna's ear infection has cleared up, Zack is walking allot better, hardly a limp at all. Nathan on the other hand.... He started getting fussy yesterday afternoon, when he woke up from his nap about 4pm, dad went to pick him up (I was headed out the door for Dustin's parent-teacher-student conference), and he had thrown up all over his bed. Some how he managed to only get it on his arms, none on his clothes. He threw up again when I was feeding him his dinner, and then as he was drinking his bottle around 8pm, he lost about 6oz of the 7oz he just ate. He felt really warm, and this afternoon (hasn't thrown up again thankfully) his temp was up to 101.4, and he's been tugging on his ear since yesterday. So off to the doctors office (again), the nurses stop me in the hall to ask about the other kids, if that gives you any idea how often we've been there in the last month. His temp had only gone down a degree from when I gave him some Tylenol 1 1/2hrs before going in. The doc checked his ears, and sure enough, his right ear drum was red and bulging (as the doc put it) again. This is his 2nd ear infection in the last month, and we're barely into cold season. I'm really hoping that this round of antibiotics clears every thing up, and it doesn't come back.

On a brighter note, Brianna has been estactic all day long, because she finally has a loose tooth! She's wiggled the darn thing so much today, that she was saying it hurt a little bit ago. I finally told her to leave it alone, and it would stop hurting. Now we just have to play to waiting game for it to come out.

I finally got a LO of Zack's birthday's only taken me

The template I used is from JustRenae, it's her template 56, the paper I made using a paint stroke overlay by Deb over at The Scrappin' Cop.

This one is one I made of Nathan, he was just hanging out while the bigger kids played at the park...

The template I used for this one is from 3s_enough at Midnight Scrapping, it's her LS template #087. The paper I made using another one of Deb's overlays, you can find that one here.

There is no school tomorrow, so counting to 2 kiddos I babysit, I will have 6 children in my house tomorrow until my mom comes to get 3 of my 4 for the day. So I think I'm going to head off to bed, so I can try and be half way awake and coherent when the 2 get dropped off dark and early at 6:15am. Have a wonderful night!



Monday, October 13, 2008

Today is....

Miss Bri's Birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my princess! She's been waiting for today for the last week, everyday she's asked is it my birthday yet? Since her birthday is on a Monday, we won't be having her party till this weekend, but she seems ok with that. I wanted to share the LO I made from her newborn pictures with you. Bri was born 5 1/2 weeks early, but weighed just over 7lbs, they told me if she's have went to term, she would have been close to 10lbs!! Even for as big as she was, she had the typical problems of any preemie...was put on oxygen within a hour of birth, trouble coordinating her breathing while eating, and various other things. She spent a week in the nursery because she couldn't maintain her blood sugar (it was only 13 when she was born), kept forgetting to breathe, and had a bad case of jaundice. I had her home a week, and while going from my mom's to my grandma's, she stopped breathing completely, so she got her first ambulance ride (I should say rides) to our local ER, then when they were going to send her home with just an apnea monitor, she stopped breathing again and was sent to Children's hospital for a week. She had a virus similar to croup. Thankfully she's grown into a very healthy little girl.

But here is my LO:

The template is JustRenae's template 8 and word art by JustRenae ; Paper from Baby Elizabeth by Meryl Bartho at DSP; Font A Yummy Apology.

Nathan is ready for a nap, so I'm off for now.

Have good day,



Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh what a day...

It's only noon, and we've already had a weeks worth of

Nathan and Brianna had a doctors appointment at 9am this morning. Nathan for his 9month check up and Bri, who escaped the strep Zack had, did end up with an ear infection. Nathan is doing great, ears are all cleared up, he weighs a whopping 22lbs 4oz and is 28 3/4in long/tall. He's had a blocked tear duct since he was about 3 weeks old, and today they referred him to an eye doctor to see what they want to do about it. His appointment for that is in 3weeks.

Now to the drama part of my morning...... Zack was being a boy, kept putting a penny in his mouth, told him to get it out before he swallowed it (can you tell where this is going?). So he takes the penny out, and is carrying it around in his hand. I'm trying to get things together to take Bri and Nathan to their appt. And here comes Zack crying "I swallowed penny mom, swallowed penny". Luckily, it didn't get stuck, and he was breathing ok, so off to the ER we went, to make sure it was going down like it should. So a hour and one x-ray later, he gets the all clear from the doc, the x-ray showed that it was in his stomach already, and not to worry unless he started having stomach pain and/or vomiting, which would mean it was stuck somewhere in his stomach or intestines. So barring that happening, he should pass it in the 3-5 days.

I'm sincerely hoping that the remainder of my day is a quiet one! Have a nice day!

Friday, October 3, 2008


My little Nathan is 9 months old!! I can't believe how fast time has gone by! He's crawling and pulling himself up on everything, and we have recently discovered that he LOVES graham crackers and club crackers. He is also trying to drink from a "big" cup. Whenever Zack leaves his where Nathan can reach it, Nathan grabs it and has a taste of whatever is in it. I put together this LO of Nathan this morning:

The template I used is courtesy of Just Renae, it's her Template #46. The paper I made using an overlay by Gunhild Storeide and Gloria at Moo Too Designs.

I'm off to finish getting my grocery list together so I can go brave the Friday crowd at Wal-mart. Need to get my grocery shopping done, go birthday present hunting for the birthday party we are going to this weekend. Happy belated birthday wishes to you Ryan!!

Have a good day and a great weekend, if I don't get back to post this weekend.



Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm on a roll...

I was bit by the scrappin' bug this evening, and sat down and made 2 pages this evening!

This first one is of Nathan and big brother Dustin. I don't often get pictures of Dustin, because he always seems to be somewhere other than where I am with the camera. He was trying to help cheer Nathan up during one of his bad moments with his teeth a few weeks ago, by giving him a shoulder ride. Poor little dude was so tired that all he would do when Dustin tickled his feet was smile and usually he laughs this big belly laugh...

The template is by 3s_enough at Midnight Scrapping, it's Landscape (LS) Template #8; the word art is from Kim over at Kim's Scrappin'; and the papers are by ME ;o) (I'll get the hang of this designing thing

And next I FINALLY got a few of the pictures scrapped of Bri's first day of school. She's only been in school almost a month and a half.....(told you I was slackin' on getting my LO's put together)

Both the template and papers & elements are from Renae. The template is her Template #26; and the Kit I used is her My Precious Zoey.

I don't have much news today, everyone is still on the mend. Nathan almost has his 4th tooth in, you can just see the corner of it poking through on the bottom. And you can also see the little bumps of all the teeth that are just waiting to break through.

I think I'm going to head to bed, have a good night!



Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A better day today...

We're all finally on the road to wellness...YAY! Zack and Brianna still have a cough, but neither are running fevers, so I think they're over the worst of it. Nathan is starting to eat baby food again (hasn't eaten more that a few bites in almost 2 weeks), he ate a jar and a half of pears for dinner, so I think he's feeling a lot better too. I've gotten lucky and the 2 kids that I babysit haven't gotten sick so far, so I think maybe it's on the way out of my house.

I took Zack back into the doctor yesterday because he was still limping from falling off the bunk bed, and they decided to send him down for an x-ray, just to check things out. Finally got a call back about them around 5:30pm, and he got the all clear on that. So the doc is going with a bone and/or muscle bruise. Said to give them a call if he's not better in 2 weeks. I am sooo hoping he's better before then. It hard to watch him try to run after the big kids, but can't because it hurts. He's been a trooper about it though, he hasn't complained that it hurts, but you can see when he walks that it doesn't feel all that great.

I forgot to mention this the other day, but I am now the proud Aunt to beautiful twin girls, Lily and Ivy. My brother and his girlfriend welcomed them into the world last week. They were scheduled for a c-section on Oct. 2nd, but decided they didn't want to wait that long. Both were healthy, one 5lbs 3oz and the other 5lbs 13oz, both just over 17in long. Mom and babies are doing great, they were supposed to come home last Thursday (yes, I'm a bad sister and haven't called to check on them). That gives me a total of 4 beautiful nieces, and 2 handsome nephews. I'm hoping to get up there in the next few weeks to visit, and of course take lots of pictures!

Think I'm going to go play with my PaintShop and see if I can get some scrapping done, have a wonderful night!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

An update on Nathan...

Well, I got poor Nathan into the doc yesterday morning. The good news is that it probably isn't strep, the bad news was that the drainage from his upper respiratory infection gave him a double ear infection. I'm hoping that the anti-biotics they gave him will also help clear up what every is causing the respiratory infection.

Zack is starting to get better, but now Brianna is coughing and says she has a sore throat. I guess if she is still hurting tomorrow, I'll call the doc for her. Their doc is going to be sooo tired of seeing me by the time my kids are done being sick.

Hope everyone has good rest of the weekend, the Broncos lost to 0-3 Kansas City today, so that was a bummer of a game....Oh well, there's always next week!


Friday, September 26, 2008

My poor little guys...

Zack and Nathan have been sick ALL week. Nathan was first, he finally got his 3rd tooth in over the weekend, but on Sunday started coughing so I took him in to see the doc on Monday. They said he had an upper respiratory infection, probably viral, but not much they could do. Poor little guy has been miserable all week, it gets really bad about 3am, when he kind of wakes up and starts fussing, but isn't really awake. Then this evening when he woke up from a 3hr nap (that was the first clue) and was really hot, so I took his temp and it had spiked to 102.2, gave him some Tylenol, checked it again an hour later, only dropped to 101.9. So I called the on-call number for my ped's office, and when they finally called back, told me to just watch him and give the office a call in the morning to see if they wanted to do a throat culture.

The throat culture was suggested because when Zack woke up Wednesday morning he had a temp of 102.3, so off to the doc we went, and after checking his ears and such, they did a throat culture on him, and it came back positive for strep. Zack has just had a bad week, Tuesday evening, he was climbing on Dustins bunk bed, and fell off the top of it, and landed on his hip. So I had the doc check that out while we were there, because Zack was limping on his right side. They said that he probably just had a bone bruise and possibly a muscle bruise, but if he was still limping on Monday to let them know and they would have me take him in for an x-ray. They said that if he did have a hairline fracture it wouldn't show up till then.

Brianna has also had a sore throat and slight cough, but hasn't run a temp with it, so hopefully she'll miss out on it. Dustin hasn't had anything, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way.

In the midst of all this chaos I call home this week, I do have a layout to share with you:
This one is of my boys. The template is from 3s_enough at Midnight Scrapping, it's Template #59. The papers are from Dirty Grunge Rock Star by Lori at Scripity Scrap.

It was one of the 4 pages I managed to finish last weekend. I wanted to try and get some more done this weekend, but with all my kiddos being sick, I haven't gotten that far. Bri and Dustin are at my mom's and Zack and Nathan are resting comfortably (for now, keep your fingers crossed that they have a better night), so I may get something scrapped yet.

Have a good night!



Monday, September 22, 2008

Only one thing to say this morning.... ;o)

GO BRONCO'S!!!! LOL. Sunday football is sooo much fun at my house, especially when my hubby and I are rooting for different teams...

In honor of the Bronco's win over New Orleans, I made two LO's with 3s_enough at Midnight Scrappings' Bronco's fan kit....

The first if of Zachary when he was about 9 months old...
And this one if of Nathan, the pictures were taken in July, so he was about 6 months old....

Both of the templates by 3s_enough also.

I am pretty proud of myself... After not getting anything scrapped for almost 3 weeks, I sat down and did 4 pages this weekend. 'Course I still have an unknown amount to do still, a little progress is better than

I hope everyone has a great day, I better get to bed, so I can get up for my daycare kids since it's Monday already...where did the weekend go? I'll try (keep your fingers crossed) to post tomorrow(well I guess it's officially "today" now) with some more LO's and how our weekend went.



Monday, September 15, 2008

What a day

it's been today. Nathan finally got the top tooth in that was bothering him, just to turn around in the last day or two and start working on some more. Two more teeth to be exact, I thought one was hard on him, these two are a killer.

His day went like this... He woke up about 6:30am, normal for him. And proceeded to stay awake until almost 12:30 and then only slept for about 20min, this is not like him. Normally he'll go down about 10:30 or 11 and sleep for almost an hour. He fought taking another nap all afternoon, finally gave in about 4:45, and woke up (thanks to his brother and sister) about 20min later. He finally gave in to bed about 8:30 which is almost 1 1/2 later than he usually goes to bed. The last few nights have been tough too, his teeth are bothering him so much that he'll only eat a few bites of baby food before he starts fussing and spitting it out, so he's only been sleeping 3-4 hours at a stretch at night, normal is 5-6. Think I'll be headed to the store tomorrow to see if I can find some of the Hyland's teething tablets, they worked well with the other kids, hopefully they'll work with Nathan too.

Zack, Bri and Dustin have all been doing well. Dustin brought home his first progress report a week ago Friday, and had A's in 4 out of his 6 subjects. The other 2 weren't that great, but he'd turned in what was missing in those 2 classes just before the reports were printed, so we won't know what those have been brought up to until this Friday. Brianna got her first taste of homework today. She brought it home Friday, but spent the weekend with my mom, so we didn't get to work on it till tonight. She brings the folder home on Friday, and we have until Wednesday to send it back. Zack is being his normal rambunctious self. He's walking with a slight limp at the moment because he some how managed to run the arch of his foot over with Dustins' desk chair, and cut the arch of his foot. Leave it to a 3yo to manage that....

I think that's all the news going on here at the moment, I hope to get back to posting more regularly soon. Still trying to get into a routine since I started back to watching my friends 2 kids.
Zack is telling me he's ready for bed, so good night all!

Another Word art....

Good Afternoon!! I only have a few minutes before I head out to get Bri off the bus, but wanted to put this up before I forget...

I'm still playing with the papers on the new mini-kit I've been putting together, it's called Brianna's Butterflies. I was a little burned out on that, so I started playing with this word art....

I started with just the square one, but wasn't sure I liked it, so came up with the oval one too. I zipped them both together in one file, you download them here.
I hope you like them, and can use them!

Have a good day!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nathan news, and I made a word art.....

Nathan got his second tooth in!! Finally....LOL. He's been struggling with this one for about 2 weeks now, and it finally broke through a few days ago. Now you're really in trouble if he manages to get your fingers in his mouth.

I've really been struggling with the new kit I've been trying to get done. Every time I think I'm done, I decide I don't like this or that, I think I've changed how the papers look like 5 times I think my problem is, that since I'm still learning how to make the kits, I have to rely on several different designers CU friendly products, and get frustrated with my lack of knowledge and experience. I know it will come with time and practice, but patience has never been one of my strong points....

I did get the word art made that I've been playing around with for the last few days. Anyone with small children, will probably agree with this......
My Zack and Dustin definitely fall into this category. If you can use this, you can download it here.
The fonts I used are Hurry Up and Austrailian Sunrise (although I modified it a bit to make it come out the way I wanted).
Let me know what you think of it, your comments about my work is always greatly appreciated, good or bad....

Have a wonderful evening, I think I'm off for the night. Hopefully I'll get motivated to get some pages done one evening soon. I'm still trying to find all the credits for the pages I have done in the past, so I have sooo many that I don't yet want to post because I can't give proper credit.

Hope everyone has a great night!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Look what Nathan can do....

He's learned in the last few weeks how to pull himself up to stand with things. He is getting sooo big! I can't believe he's 8months old already, where has the time gone?!? Now if he can just get the hang of getting back down when he stands He still has a tendency to fall down instead of leaning over and reach for the floor with one hand. He's slowly starting to walk along the things he pulls himself up on, so I think he'll be walking before too long. Still waiting on the tooth though.

My mom and I took Bri in for a haircut yesterday. She said she wanted it short, so this is what she came out with:

It's a pretty cute haircut, and it doesn't knot nearly as bad as it did long, so that's nice when it's time to brush out after her shower.

That's all that's going on here at the moment, I'm wishing I could crawl back in bed. It's grey and cloudy outside, only supposed to be in the low 60's today, so it would be good napping weather. But that isn't going to happen, so guess I'll try and get motivated to finish up the laundry, and maybe get the new kit I've been working on for the last week and a half finished. I have 5 papers done for it, but am stuck on the elements.

Hope everyone has a great day!!



Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hi all!!

I finally got rid of the cruddy, run down feeling that accompanied whatever it was I had, now I just need to get rid of all the crude that has settled in my chest, will the fun ever stop?
Bri is still loving school, they have picture day tomorrow, and just sent the order form home today. How's that for communication? Would have be nice if it had come home, oh say last week sometime!!!! Oh well, atleast we didn't miss it.
Nathan is slowly but surely getting another tooth, sure wish it would come in soon. Luckily this one doesn't seem to be bothering him as bad as the first one did. He does like his frozen teething toys though.
Don't have too much else going on around here. Starting to get cooler during the night, but the days are pretty nice. It was like switch was flipped with September rolling in. It was in the 80's here on sunday, then only in the 70's today and for the rest of the week.
Since I haven't shared any LO's lately, I have 4 for you today, one of each of my kiddo's that I made for my mom to hang in her locker at work:
All of the templates that I used below are from 3s_enough at Midnight Scrapping. I'll put the names of the templates I used below each LO, but I'm putting the link to her blog here.
This one is LandScape Template (LS) #2; Papers and ribbon are from Jamie Rousselle's Nature Boy and the word art/label tape is from Joshies Pocket by Becky Soto, both can be found at DSP.
This is Panoramic Template #1; Papers and ribbons from With Love by Julia P. Word Art is by Brooklyn
Template is LS Template #3 ( The original template only has 2 frames, I added one...); Papers & ribbons from Moody Blues by Shabby Princess. Word Art is by

This one is Template #35; Papers & word art from Laura's Lullaby by Kelly Meaux and Jamie Rousselle at DSP.

Again all templates are from Midnight Scrapping, and you can find the link to her blog above.

It's time to go try and get my last resister into bed and asleep, have a good night!



Saturday, August 30, 2008

I promised pictures...

from our weekend camping, and am just now getting them posted. I'm such a bad blogger.... I'm finally almost over my head cold or whatever it was I brought home with me, now it's just lingering allergies.

I didn't get to many "camp" pictures, but I did get some pictures of the kids playing along the beach of the lake we went too....

Brianna has been having great fun at school. She looks forward to going each morning, the first thing she asks when she wakes up is if it's time to go wait for her bus They're already selling things, she brought home an order form for frozen cookie dough, and discount cards for McDonald's, Subway, and Black Jack pizza. I'm sure Dustin will be bringing something home soon for him to sell. His teacher said at back to school night that they would be doing various fundraiser through the year to help with the cost of the outdoor ed trip they will be going on in the spring.

Hope everyone had a great week!! Incase you missed it, my wonderfully talented friend Renae gave out the last two links to her wonderful new kit "Nature's Gift" today,

it's a beautiful kit, and you can get it here. Not only does she make templates, but she does such beautiful kits!!!

Have great evening everyone!!



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. We went camping last weekend, and I came home with a head cold, so I've been fighting that for the last few days. Yesterday was the worst, and today I feel a little better.
The kids had fun over the weekend, so that's what counts. I'll try and get back later today or this evening and post some pictures.
Have a great day!

Friday, August 22, 2008

My little girl started school yesterday...

Hi all!

We had such a busy day yesterday! Brianna had her first day of school and she was soooo excited to start! I took her yesterday so I could get some pictures.

She can't wait to go back today. Zack seemed to do ok with her being gone. Although when I got back to the car without her, he kept asking where she was. Hopefully she'll have as good of a day today.

That's all I have for today, I'm starting to work on a new kit, but haven't gotten much done. Hopefully I'll get some time to get it done soon. Hope everyone has a great day!!!